Rosecomb ( Java Bantam ) Chickens

java rosecomb bantam
bantam chicckens

Rosecomb is thought to have come from the port of Bantam in Java. In the Netherlands, this breed is still called Java Bantam. The German Standard refers to this breed only as BANTAM.

The first black Rosecomb in England was recorded in 1483. The Rosecomb was developed in the UK and other countries and considered the ideal show breed.

The Java Bantam is one of the oldest and most popular bantam breeds on display and is simply a ornamental chicken. The breed is one of a “true bantam” group, meaning there is no large version of the same chicken.

All colors are extremely attractive, the most distinctive feature of which are large white earlobes and a long, clean rose comb that tapers to a point.


  • Rooster 570g-620g
  • Chicken 450g-510g
true bantam chickens - java
java bantam rooster
rosecomb bantam
bantam rooster
bantam rosecomb
rosecomb hen

Also known by the names : Javakriel, Bantamki, Bantamka, Bantamky, Rozkomb

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