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Sebright bantam chickens

This little charming bantam hen is special in many ways. The name comes from its originator, the English nobleman Sir John Saunders Sebright, who lived from 1767-1846 and was a pioneer in targeted breeding and improvement of livestock breeds.

Sebright was one of the first in England to develop a so-called primate bantam, a bantam chicken breed that does not have a similar ‘large’ breed of the same name. The special club for the Sebright breed, founded by Sir Sebright himself back in 1810, is also the very first club for enthusiasts of a single chicken breed.

The Sebright breed is exclusively bred for the purpose of appearance. There is not much meat on its tiny body and it lays only a few eggs, but as an ornamental and display bird flax it is still among the most popular. The breed has a calm and curious disposition and can thrive well with other chicken breeds. However, Sebright is best suited for the experienced chicken keeper as especially the chickens can be extra vulnerable to various diseases.

The Sebright breed belongs to the very small group of hens where the rooster has the same plumage as the hen and lacks the normal pointed seal feathers on the neck, saddle and tail. In Sebright, this is due to a genetic mutation that converts androgens to estrogen in the skin of males.

There is a different variety of the breed named Eikenburger in Germany, the only difference is color.

  • Rooster : 625 g
  • Hen : 510 g

Eggs: about 30 g, cream colored , number of eggs per year: 60-80

real bantam - small breeds
Sebright bantam rooster
Sebright bantam - smaal chickens
Sebright bantam hen

Also known by the names : Sebritka, Sebrajt, Sebritky, Zibrayt

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