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Silkie Bantams is one of the most attractive and surprising quirks of Poultry. They have many features that distinguish them from other chicken breeds; the most obvious is the texture of its feathers, which is almost fur or silk-like in appearance – hence their name.

They also have a head knot or crest on their heads and plenty of hairs that grow on their legs and middle finger. They compete in the Featherleg Bantam class in their poultry shows. Silkies are among several chicken varieties that have five toes instead of the usual four. They are the only chickens with black or rather dark slate-blue skins. Silkies is also a Bearded and Non-Bearded variety and can be found in many different colors.

Silkie originally comes from Asia. It is believed that the oldest records were seen with cat hair between 1250 and 1330. Between 1520 and 1560, Swiss writer and naturalist Konrad Gessner described blue-black skinned snow wool woolen chickens in a book about silkie chicken birds. This was proved when such animals appeared in the Netherlands around 1700.

The first little silky appeared in 1920, not blue-black, but fair-skinned. Bantam silkie chickens came from the Netherlands and Denmark in the 1970s.

Silkies are considered a small breed in some countries, but varies by region and many breed standards officially classify them as large poultry. The bantam Silkie is actually a separate variety most of the time and can be very confusing as its size varies from region to region.

In the U.S. only minorities are recognized, and there are fewer people who are larger than minor ones.

Silkie bantam size;

Almost all North American strains of the breed are small in size, but the standard size in Europe is the original version. However, even the standard Silkies are relatively small chickens,

  • Roosters 1.8 kg
  • Hen 1.36 kg

The American Silkie Bantam Club was founded in 1923 and continues today as a strong organization.

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Also known by the names : Zwerg-Seidenhuhn, Poule soie naine, Moroseta Nana, Dværg-Silkehøns, Zijdehoenkriel, Jedwabiste Miniaturowe, Patuljasta Svilasta, Zdr. Hodvábnička, Zdrobnělé Hedvábničky, Törpe Selyemtyúk, Koprinka Bantam

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