Spanish Bantam

spanish bantam - german chickens - black
spanish Bantam Chickens

The White-Faced Spanish Bantam poultry breed has been known in England, the Netherlands and Germany since the turn of the century. With the help of imports, the Spanish bantam breed has been re-bred in Germany since 1983. The large white face is a special feature of the Spanish Bantam domestic chicken breed. The Spanish Bantam is recognized in a black shade, which is a saturated black with a green sheen.

Other colors are white, blue, yellow and red. The Spanish large breed is one of the oldest European breeds. Today the chicken breed Spanish Bantam is more rarely found than large relatives.

  • Rooster; 900 g
  • Hen; 800 g

Spanish bantam lays 120 white eggs a year.

bantam rooster - spanish
white faced spanish bantam rooster
bantam hen - white faced
spanish bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Spanier, Espagnole à face Blanche naine, Spagnola a F.Bianca Nana, Spaanse Witwangkriel, Hvidkindet Spanier, Hiszpańskie Miniaturowe, Zdr. Španielka, Zdr. Španělka

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