Stein Chickens

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Steinpiperl - stein chickens

“Steinpiperl Chickens”

are colorful bantams that presumably for many centuries, as a true bantams of the European country fowl in Austria and its Neighboring countries exist. It is one of the oldest breeds of chicken from the Alps and has its origin in Styria, Austria. Similar dwarf breeds still exist in Italy and Croatia, with the Croatian bantam.

The remaining population worldwide is only about 100-200 animals at the moment.

The animals are very colorful, mostly mottled with multiple colors. You can find white animals with black, brown and orange spots, black and white speckled and golden brown animals. There are also wheat-colored, black and wild-colored (red-necked) color variants. The wild-colored variety is very similar in color to the female of the Bankiva chicken.

  • Rooster: 700-900 gr
  • Hen: 450 -650 gr

The Steinhendl, also Steinpiperl or Stoahendl, is a small, stocky fowl. There are two varieties. The hen reaches a weight of around 450-500 grams with a light hit, and around 650 grams with a medium-light hit. The roosters are around a third larger than the hens and weigh a maximum of 900 grams.

austrian chickens - bantam - true bantam
Steinhendl huhn – stein chickens hen

Also known by the names : Stoapiperl, Steinpiperl, Steinhendl

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