Sulmtaler Bantam

german bantam - sulmtaler
Sulmtaler bantam

The Sulmtaler Bantam was born around 1953 by the German breeder H.J. It was created by Webers. He used large Sulmtaler, Paduans Bantam, Orpington Bantam, German Bantam chickens and German faverolla bantam chickens. He wanted to create a pet breed that was as small and vital as possible and would meet the demands and conservation conditions of modern spore breeders.

Sulmtaler Bantam chickens are calm and peaceful animals. They are curious, reliable, lively and fearless. They can be very tamed easily and are therefore suitable for children as well. They also scratch a lot and love to scratch and don’t care at all who or what is behind them. They can fly well and can be deployed quite well even in tight spaces. They generally do not tend to laugh.

  • Rooster ; 1100 g
  • Hen ; 900 g

Egg-laying capacity: They lay 160-180 eggs weighing 35-40 g per year.

austrian chickens - bantam - german
Sulmtaler bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Sulmtaler, Sulmtaler naine, Sulmtal Nana, Dværg-Sulmtaler, Sulmtaler kriel, Zdr. Sulmtálky, Törpe Szulmvölgyi, Sulmtaler Bantam

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