Sumatra Bantam

black sumatra rooster
sumatra bantam chickens

Sumatra bantam; The miniature version of the large Fowl Sumatra is the bantam version. The poultry breed Sumatra bantam comes from a very ancient breed that came to America from the island of Sumatra in 1847 and went to Germany in 1882. The chicken breed Sumatra bantam was recognized in Germany in 1989. Even the Sumatra bantam has not lost its fighting spirit. The Sumatra bantam genus is a pheasant-like, finely shaped small animal. The  Sumatra bantam chicken breed, which is placed in the middle with a slightly inclined stance, shows itself to the audience in this way. image source

The Sumatra bantam breed is very hairy, has a very long tail and a hard, broad coat. The colors recognized in Germany for the domestic chicken breed Sumatra bantam are black, black-red and wild.

  • Rooster ; 850 g
  • Hen ; 750 g

Its spawning capacity is about 130 eggs per year.

sumatra rooster - bantam breeds
sumatra bantam rooster
zwerg huhner
zwerg sumatra huhn
white - bantam - sumatra
white sumatra bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Sumatra, Sumatra naine, Sumatra Nana, Sumatra enana, Dværg-Sumatra, Sumatra kriel, Sumatra Miniaturowa, Patuljasta Sumatra, Zdr. Sumatranka, Törpe Szumátrai

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