Sussex Bantam

light sussex - sussex abntam chickens
sussex bantam chickens - light

The Sussex Bantam was bred as a miniature version of the Sussex around 1920. It has a rectangular body, medium-length tail feathers, a wide, deep chest, red ear discs, and a featherless face. The single comb is medium in size, the eyes are red. The Sussex bantam has featherless white legs with four toes.

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Sussex Bantam are friendly, calm, and very trusting. When it comes to special delicacies, however, they can also be very agile. They spend the whole day looking for food and love a run with good scratching opportunities.

The bantam hens are excellent breeders and are therefore also very suitable as chicken.

  • Rooster : 1300 gr
  • Hen : 1100 gr

Laying capacity: 150 eggs

 speckled sussex - sussex chickens
sussex bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Sussex, Sussex naine, Sussex Nana, Dværg-Sussex, Sussex kriel, Sussex Miniaturowy, Patuljasta Saseks, Zdr. Sasexka, Zdrobnělé Sasexky, Törpe Sussex, Saseks Bantam, Sussex Pitică

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