Thuringian Bantam

thuringian bantam - blue - bantam
Thuringian Bantam rooster

Thuringian Bearded bantam ; It was created in Germany around 1915 from the Antwerp Bearded Bantams. It is a vigorous bantam chicken with plenty of hair, full and round beard.

It has similar characteristics to the large thuringian breed with the same name. The most striking feature is the beard that almost covers the head. A small, thin pointed comb with a slightly rising flag. Eye color is from red to dark brown. Ear caps hidden behind the beard.

  • Rooster : 700-775 g
  • Hen : 600-675 g

120 white to yellowish eggs weighing 30 grams per year.

bearded chicken - german chickens
Thuringian Bantam chickens
black bantam - beard
Thuringian Bantam black hen

Also known by the names : Thüringer Zwerg-Barthühner, Barbu de Thuringe nain, Barbuta di Turingia Nana Barbuda de Thuringia enana, Thüringer Baardkriel, Thüringer Skæghøns, Turyngijski Brodacz Miniaturowy, Tirinška Patuljasta Bradata Kokoš, Zdr. Durínčanka, Zdr. Durínsčí Vousáči, Thüringiai Törpe Szakállastyúk, Tyuringska Bradata Kokoshka Bantam

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