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Doornik Bantam ;

From the bantams that were often kept in the French-Belgian border region, where the Scheldt enters Belgium, a regional breed was created at the end of the 19th century that was given the name “Mille fleurs du Tournaisis“.

Nothing is known about the ancestors of the breed. It is suspected that the old French breed Mantes (a black pied fowl) contributed to the creation. This is quite possible because the Mantes were kept in the same border area as the utility fowl.

The Tournai bantam is a fairly small breed and belongs to the land grouse type. Our current Tournai bantam has only one color and one drawing pattern: tricolor fur.

  • Rooster 700 – 800 g
  • Hen 650 g
bantam chickens - doornik
tournai belgian bantam rooster
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tournai belgian bantam hen

Also known by the names : Doorniksche Zwerghühner, Naine du Tournaisis, Doornikse Kriel

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