Vorwerk Bantam

vowerk - bantam - red
vorwerk bantam chickens

An attempt to make Vorwerk chickens small was made as early as 1930. The first Vorwerk bantam was shown at an exhibition in Dresden. There were ups and downs with the poultry breed Vorwerk bantam until it was recognized in 1963. Poultry breed Vorwerk bantam was bred from large breed vorwerk, yellow Orpington bantam, long neck German bantam and Barnevelder bantam. Vorwerk Bantam is referred to as a country poultry form because of its strong and compact appearance. It has a moderately high position with its fine bone structure.

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Some breed features of the chicken breed Vorwerk bantam – rooster – are vibrant eyes from orange-yellow to orange-red. The hips should be of medium length, strong and with tight hair. The head is of medium width and size. The face should be covered with small hairs and be red. It is very lively but also safe.

  • Rooster; 900 g
  • Hen; 800 g

The spawning performance is 140 yellowish eggshells per year.

bantam vorwerk - rooster - german chickens
bantam vorwerk rooster
vorwerk - german poultry - zwerg
Vorwerk Bantam Hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Vorwerk, Vorwerk naine, Vorwerk nana, Vorwerk enana, Dværg-Vorwerk, Vorwerk kriel, Vorwerk Miniaturowy, Zdr. Forverka, Zdrobnělé Forverky, Törpe Vorwerk Tyúk, Forverk Bantam

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