Waasse Bantam Chickens

Waasse Bantam - belgian breeds - Waasse kriel
Waasse Bantam Chickens

Waasse Bantam chickens ; originally come from Belgium, the Land van Waas region. The waasse bantam is an almost exact copy of the belgian bantam and differs from belgian bantam only in its comb shape. The Waasse bantam is an original bantam, so this breed does not have a large variety. source

  • Rooster ; 550 – 650 g
  • Hen ; 500 – 550 g

Chickens of this breed lay about 120 eggs per year.

 Waasse kriel - rooster
Waasse Bantam Rooster
Waasse Bantam - beelgian chickens - patridge
Waasse Bantam hen

Also known by the names : waasse kriel, Naine de Waes, Waasches Zwerghuhn, Steens kieksken

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