Wyandotte Bantam

bantam chicken breeds
Wyandotte Bantam

The most common of all small breeds;

Bantam Wyandotte is very popular among pedigree breeders and many bantam chicken lovers. Wyandotte Bantam is an extremely popular bantam race with large ancestors from North America. Bantam race breeding started simultaneously in England and Germany.

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Bantam breed history Wyandotten;

Wyandotte Bantams are originally from England, and many of the colors were admitted into the APA in 1933. Wyandotte Bantams have been rising in popularity since then and have become very popular entries in American Poultry Shows recently.

The genus name of  Wyandotte Bantam comes from a North American Indian tribe and shows its origin.

Bantam Wyandotte view ;

Bantam Wyandotte deviates from the thin figure of the body form (Bankiva chicken), showing a round body with flowing lines and a horizontal position. Though tense in habit, bantam Wyandotten is nowhere angular and angular. bantam Wyandotten’s leg section should be wide, with curves head line and short beak to fit round silhouette.

Similar breed , there is a German bantam wyandotte


  • rooster, 1300 gr
  • chicken 1100 gr


  • Laying performance: 160 eggs
  • Egg shell color: light brown to off-white
  • Egg weight: about 40 g


Wyandotte bantam chicken
Wyandotte bantam hen
bantam rooster - chicken breeds
Wyandotte Bantam rooster

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Wyandotte, Wyandotte Naine, Wyandotte Nana, Dværg-Wyandot, Wyandotte kriel, Wyandotty Miniaturowe, Patuljasta Vijandota, Zdr. Wyandotka, Zdrobnělé Vyandotky, Törpe Wyandott, Viandot Bantam, Wyandotte Pitică

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