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Alsace rooster

The Alsacienne

or the Alsace, may be a breed of Chickens from Alsace, in eastern France. alsace chicken is an old breed that existed within the region of origin for an extended time but settled around 1890. it’s a standard origin and contributes to fixation. it’s also one among the rare breeds of French chickens that haven’t crossed with Asian breeds. The Alsacienne is an ancient breed, perhaps as long-established because the Bresse Gauloise, which it closely resembles. The Alsacienne could also be associated with the German Rheinländer breed, but is differentiated from it by the form of the comb.

Overall impression

Alsace chicken it’s a medium-sized poultry with a cylindrical body. It requires breeding grounds, because Alsace chicken is extremely active. He doesn’t hesitate to maneuver faraway from his set to seek out his food. additionally , these poultry fly alright . It can cross two-meter high hedges and doesn’t hesitate to perch a tree to spend the night.

alsace chicken are dual purpose fowl, raised for both eggs and meat.

Types of feathers colour ;

It is accepted by four sorts of standard: salmon gold, black, white and blue with a dark border. Black variety is that the commonest .

  • Rooster ; 3 kg
  • Hen ; 2,5 kg

Hatching eggs: min. 60 g, white shell

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Alsace hen
black colour hen images - alsace chicken
Alsacienne chickens

Also known by the names : Elsässer-Huhn, Alsatian, Poule d’Alsace, Alsaziana, Alsaciana

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