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Altsteirer Chickens

Styria - chixcken breeds
Altsteirer chicken rooster

Styria Chickens ;

This breed is known today as the Altsteirer chicken, originating from Styria in Austria . The characteristics of the plumage are clear, the wild brown and white color shades are striking. The Altsteirer chicken is a very strong country chicken and is known for its enormous weight.

Medium-weight country chicken type with a strong figure and medium size. Broad and hardly medium high when standing. With noticeable tufts.

Character of Old Styrians ;

Styrians are a very lively breed that have little quarrels with one another. But since they have remained so original and you should only keep them in large properties, they will never become tame. One of the reasons for this is that they lack connection to people.

Existing Bantyam type Yes, Altsteirer bantam

  • Rooster 2.50 – 3.00 kg
  • Hen 2.00 – 2.30 kg

The laying capacity is around 180 white eggs per year

large chickens - old breeds
Also known by the names : Vecchia Stiria, Staroštajerská, Štýřanky, Óstájer, Altsthayrer

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bantam rooster - austrien
altsteirer bantam chicken
Altsteirer bantam chicken is a domestic chicken breed raised in Germany. This is the main difference to normal growth, except



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