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barred rock
amrock chicken

Amrocks chicken is originally;

from the USA, it is bred from dominique chicken, black cochin and black Java chickens and has been a recognized breed of chicken since 1874. At that time under the name “Barred Rocks“. The origins of Amrock chickens can be found in the USA, more precisely in the city of Plymouth.

Overall impression

Special feature: Due to its high weight and good meat characteristics, good feed usage and rapid growth, Amrocks has the best broiler characteristics. The body shape of these chickens is defined as strong, medium length, medium high and squats with a wide back and a full, deep chest. Amrocks crest is called a single red-crest crest.

Amrock chickens are available only in one color stripes.

  • Rooster 3-4kg
  • Hen 2.5-3kg

Laying performance: up to 220 eggs per year

Egg shell color: brown to brownish yellow

The Amrock breed has a well-known form of amrock bantam.

amrock breeds - hühnerrassen amrock
amrock rooster barred rock
amroc barred rock
amrock hen

Also known by the names : Amrox, Amroksky, Amrock, Amrok,

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