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The Ancona large fowl ;

originated in the Italian province of Ancona and was bred from a mix of different breeds including Leghorn. The breed owes the name “black Leghorn” to its black plumage. These are sturdy, resilient, productive chickens that can be expected to have lots of white eggs. In Europe they have always enjoyed great popularity due to their laying performance. In 1888 they first came to England and a short time later to America.

Colors of ancona ;

The original color of the Ancona chicken is pearled black and white. Later, a blue and white pearled variant was also bred, although it is not recognized everywhere. Wiki : Ancona Huhn

  • Cock: 3kg
  • Hen: 2kg

The owner can look forward to around 220 medium-sized, white eggs per year!

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Ancona Blue Hen

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ancona bantam chicken
Ancona race comes from the middle of Italy. This breed was created in the early 1900s by crossing the “classic” Ancona chicken with miniature chickens.


Also known by the names : Ancône, Ankony

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