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Andalusian Chickens

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Andalusian chickens

Andalusian chicken blue – Andaluza Azul ;

or Andalusia is a chicken species selected by British breeders in the mid-nineteenth century and recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874 and 1960.As the name suggests, this chicken breed actually comes from Spain. Andalusian Chickens are a domestic poultry breed from Spain. They are common in Spain and the rest of Europe, but the breed has been more common than the country of origin since 1872. The breed is rare, although it provides an impressive graphic.

It is represented all over Europe, but more than 140 years ago there were more chickens in Germany than the Spanish homeland of this breed. By the way, there is a close relationship with Spanish Chicken, Minorkas and Castilian black chickens.

It is a Mediterranean type bird with a medium size, long figure, slender, cylindrical and slightly sloping body. simple crest and white ears. The black edge on each of their feathers is striking.

The upper part of the neck is dark blue to almost black; The rest of the feathers are homogeneous slate blue, the edge of each feather is dark.

Weight ;

  • Rooster 2.9 to 3.5 kg
  • Chicken 2.2 to 2.8 kg.

It became an ornamental breed, but at that time it had an acceptable set. 165 egg references per year

The andalusian bantam type is as rare as the normal form. It was bred in England and Germany and was recognized in 1954.

large chicken breeds - blue cihcken spanish
Andalusian rooster
hen spanish andalusuian chicken
Andalusian hen

Also known by the names : Andalusier, Andalouse, Andalusa, Andaluza, Andalusiër, Andaluzyjskie,
Andaluzijska, Andalúzka, Andaluzky, Andalúziai, Andaluska kokoshka

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