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Annaberger Crested Chickens

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annaberger chickens

Annaberger Haubenstrupphuhn

Annaberger Chickens was bred in 1957 in Annaberg in the Ore Mountains. Its ancestors are Chabos, silkie chickens, Brabanter and Appenzell. Unfortunately, this large breed is becoming increasingly rare, the breed only appears in Germany and is not very common there.

Horned chickens look a bit funny as their feathers are slightly backward. The hood above the head completes the “gaudy” look. Ear discs are always white, feathers and the crown of the horns – if you can see them – are always red. Legs are light gray to slate gray. The beaks are light gray.

Since it is sensitive to moisture due to chicken feathers, it needs a large area and protection in this area.

There is no Bantam form.

  • Rooster : 1.5 kg
  • Hen : 1,3 kg

Annaberg Crested chickens lay around 120 eggs a year.

annaberger - chickens breeds
annaberger crested chicken hen

Also known by the names : Annaberger Haubenstrupphühner, Frisée et Huppée d’Annaberg, Anaberska Czubatka Szurpata/ Lokowana, Annabergi bóbitás, borzastyúkok

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