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Appenzeller Spitzhaube

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Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Appenzeller Spitzhaube (Gässerschnäpfli or Tschüpperli) is a breed of domestic chicken from the Appenzellerland in Switzerland. The breed was first registered in 1952, but is said to have been bred in monasteries in the Alpine region as early as the 15th century. The ancestors of the Brabanters, an old Dutch breed, and two French breeds, La Flèche and Crève-Cœur, are assumed.

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The trademark of the Appenzell Spitzhaubenhühner is their eye-catching headdress: the narrow, forward-inclined feather bonnet, which is reminiscent of the traditional bonnet of the Appenzell Sunday costume and the two “horns” of the comb.

The Appenzeller chickens is ideally adapted to the conditions of the mountains, climbs excellent on rocky ground and can fly well. It likes to spend the night in trees, even in winter. Since it has only small wattles and two small horns instead of a comb, even the severest frost can hardly harm it.

  • Rooster: 1.5 kg
  • Hen: 1 kg

150 white-shell eggs weighing 55 grams.

Their breeding instinct is low. In the last century there were more than ten different colors of this breed. To date only five have survived: the most common are the silver-black-spotted ones.

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Appenzeller chicken rooster
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Appenzeller rooster
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Appenzeller hen

Also known by the names : Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Appenzelloise Huppée, Appenzell con Ciuffo, Appenzeller Moñuda, Appenzeller Spitskuif, Appenzeller Spidstop, Appenzellska Czubatka, Apencelska šiljastokapa, Apenzelský Chocholáč, Apencelští Chohcoláči, Appenzelli Hegyesbóbitás, Kachulat Apentseler

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