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Assendelfter Chickens

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Assendelfter chickens

Assendelfter chickens and similar local chickens were very common as laying hens in the Zaan region and Waterland. According to some, the breed is the origin of the Dutch poultry.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the breed was already known internationally under its current name. However, there was some confusion due to the relationship with the Frisian chicken. For example, it was stated in an English book in 1906 that the Frisian chicken was known as the “Assendelfter” in the past. The differences, in particular, are that the Assendelfts chicken does not have a rose comb, the skin pattern is a bit coarse, and the golden color is also a lighter skin. source

The breed is lightly built with a high tail and a rose comb. There are two known types of shell: yellow shell and silver shell, also called golden shell.

  • Rooster ; 1.7 kg
  • Hen ; 1.3 kg

Assendelfts chicken belongs to the laying and ornamental breeds of Dutch poultry. They lay about 180 eggs per year, these are creamy white in color. There is also a small form of the breed.

dutch chickens - breeds- large fowl - rooster
Assendelfter rooster
hen - rare chicken breeds
Assendelfter hen

Also known by the names : Assendelfter, Poule d’Assendelft

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