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Augsburg chickens were crossed with black legged Italian Lamotta chickens by Julius Meyer of the French La Fleche breed around 1870. The Augsburg chicken, the only Bavarian chicken breed in the German Federal Standard, is a type of country hen and a chicken of pure beauty.

It has been cultivated in and around Augsburg and in the Black Forest since 1880.

The main feature is the so-called cup comb. In the rooster, the comb stands upright and starts from the front of the beak, but divides into a cup-shaped comb after point 1 or 2. This is very necessary for the two rear parts to appear closed again. Medium-sized chickens , thin padding and oval white ear discs provide the appropriate contrast to match the cup comb. via : slowfood

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  • Rooster: 2.3 – 3.0 kg
  • Hen 2.0 – 2.5 kg

The laying performance of an average of 180, an average of 58 grams of heavy white-shelled eggs per year can be described as quite good.

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Also known by the names : Augsburger, Augsbourg, Augusta, Augsburgo, Augsburger Bekerkamhoen, Augsburska, Augsburgi

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