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Australian Langshan

is an Australian large chicken breed that is crossbreed from Croad Langshan and considered a breed recognized by the Australian Poultry Standard. Australia Langshan is little known outside Australia, but it is a popular breed within the country.

Australian Langshan was breed in Australia in the early 20th century with selective hybridization of Croad Langshans, Orpingtons, Wakfer Chinese Langshan and Modern Langshan. Little is known about the history of the breed, but the breed was accepted into the Australian Poultry Standard when the 1st edition of the Australian Poultry Standard was published in 1998.

Australian langshan bantam variety of this breed is also available, which is one of the most popular of all Australian chickens

Characteristics ;

Has an upright carriage, the legs are long, comb is medium-sized and red; outer toe of each foot is feathered
Recognized variety Blue, Black, White

Similar breeds;


  • Cock: 3.2 kg
  • Hen: 2.7 kg

Eggs Around 250 per year; the shell is brown in color

Other Names : Australian Modern Langshan wiki

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