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Australorp History;

Australorp was breed in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century from Orpingtons and Croad Langschans as a dual-use breed and is still one of the more common breeds that can still be found quite often. mainly because of egg performance, not because of meat performance in Australia. This name returns to the “Australian Orpington Club” club, which was established especially for them. Extremely easy laying chickens lay light colored eggs and hold the world record in egg production: A chicken of this breed left 364 eggs in 365 days!

They are smaller and thinner than the Orpingtons, but still have a good meat base. The plumage of black birds has a beautiful green insect color and protruding black eyes.

The australorp bantam of this breed may be more suitable for children than pets.

  • Rooster ; 4 kg
  • Hen ; 3 kg

Color variations;

The best known color change of this breed is black, whose hair is greenish, shining in the sun from bluish to purple.

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Australorp rooster
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australorp black hen

White Australorps

In the case of the white Australorps, a yellow touch in the ornamental plumage is tolerated. The bare feet should be blue. The beak should also be bluish, but may appear light horn-colored.

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australorp white hen

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