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Ayam Cemani Chickens

Ayam Cemani - indonesian Chickens
Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani chicken breed comes from Indonesia and was first bred on Java in the town of Cemani. The word Ayam means nothing more than “chicken”. Little or nothing can be found out about the temporal origin, only the distribution on Sumatra and on the islands of Java and Madura seems to be documented.

The special feature of this breed is that the animals are completely black. Everything from comb to toe is hyperpigmented. The plumage – also pitch black – shines green and other colors when exposed to sunlight.

There are other black breeds besides the Cemani chickens. The best known are probably the more common silkies, which also have black skin and flesh. But the little-known Swedish black chicken – which has been kept and bred in Sweden and Norway for centuries – and the H’Mong chicken from Vietnam also show hyperpigmentation typical of the breed, and indian kadaknath breeds

Purebred Ayam Cemani are all over their bodies – also inside! – Deep black, the rather coarse plumage also has a matt color with a bluish shimmer. If, on the other hand, the animals show a green sheen, they are crossbred animals mixed with Sumatra. Also typical of pure-bred Ayam Cemani is the peculiarity that adult animals – even if they were completely black as chicks – sometimes develop a red crest and colored tail feathers after moulting. For this reason, experienced owners and breeders only buy annual animals.

Ayam Cemani do not lay black eggs.

  • Rooosters 2-2,5kg,
  • Hens 1.5-2kg

The laying capacity is around 80 cream-colored eggs per year. These weigh about 45 grams.

chickens - indonesian - ayam cemani chickens
Ayam Cemani hen
ayam cemani chickens - black
cemani – indonesian black chicken

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