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Barbezieux Chickens

black chicken breeds - Barbezieux
Barbezieux rooster

Barbezieux French Breeds İnformations ;

is currently the largest original French chicken breed. They were bred before 1900 in the region around the small village of Barbezieux, in the region of Charente in southwestern France.

The overall appearance shows strong, very strong and very proud chickens famous for their excellent meat quality.

  • Rooster 4,5 kg
  • Hen 3.5kg

Barbezieux is only available in black color,

The minimum weight for hatching eggs is 70 g. The spawning performance in the first year is 170 eggs. However, the focus is on body size and excellent meat quality. Therefore, only the largest roosters with broad shoulders and white ear discs should be used for breeding.

large black chicken
Barbezieux hen – french

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