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Euskal Oiloa Basque Chicken

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Basque chicken - Euskal Oiloa

Euskal Oiloa

The Basque Chicken – is the traditional chicken of the Basque rural economy. Selective breeding of the Euskal Oiloa was begun in 1975 as part of the conservation programme for indigenous chicken breeds of the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, the national public agrarian research institute. The decision to seek official breed status for these birds was taken at that time. wiki

The breed standard of the Euskal Oiloa was officially approved on 15 March 2001.

It is included in the official list of indigenous Spanish breeds in the royal decree of 26 December 2008, which established the national livestock breed conservation programme, where it is listed among the indigenous breeds at risk of extinction.

  • Roosters : 3.6 kg
  • Hens : 2.5 kg.

Five colour varieties are recognized:

  • Beltza (black),
  • Gorria (red),
  • Lepasoila (naked-necked, red-brown),
  • Marraduna (golden cuckoo) and
  • Zilarra (black-tailed white).

The Lepasoila, like other naked-necked chickens, has red skin on the neck.

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Basque chicken hen

Euskal Oilo Lepasoila

Rooster: The plumage presents the neck, shoulders, crop area, inner thighs and lateral areas of the abdomen devoid of feathers. Two rows of feathers can be seen on the breast, one on each side of the sternum. The coloration of the plumage that covers the rest of the body is the same as in the Gorria variety. The skin, in the entire neck and part of the crop area, takes on a bright red color.

Hen: The plumage is the same as in the rooster without the skin of the neck and crop being so red. euskalabereak

naked nedck - basque
Naked Neck chicken
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Basque Chicken naked Neck hen

Also known by the names : Baskische Hühner, Poule Basque, Pollo Basco, Baskische Kip, Baskische Hühner nackthalsig

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