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Bergische Kraher Chickens

crow - long voice - german
Bergische Kraher chickens

Bergische Kraher are a large, stately dual-purpose breed that brings the self-sufficient both a large number of eggs and a good roast. The roosters of this breed take about 5 times longer to crow than other roosters. source

The Bergische Kraher are much older than the organized pedigree poultry breeding, and one can rightly call them the oldest living German breed of chicken. They are closely related to the Bosnian crows.

  • Rooster ; 3 – 3.5 kg,
  • Hen ; 2 – 2.5 kg

120 eggs per year of laying.

Bergische Kraher - belgian chickens
Bergische Kraher rooster
hen - belgian chickens - dual purpuose
Bergische Kraher hen

Also known by the names : Bergische Kräher, Chanteur des Montagnes, Canterino di Montagna, Berger Cantadora, Bergse Kraaier, Górski Piejący, Bergská, Bergští Kokrháči, Bergi Kukorékoló, Bergshki Pevets

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