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Bielefelder Chickens

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Bielefelder Kennhuhn

Bielefelder Kennhuhn ;

was bred in the 1970s by Gerd Roth of Amrocks, Mecheln, New Hampshire, and Rhodeländer. The breed was first introduced in 1976 in Hanover under the name “Deutsches Kennhuhn”. The name was changed to “Bielefelder Kennhuhn” due to objections from private associations. “Bielefelder” refers to Gerd Roth’s hometown. “Kennhuhn” means that there are significant differences in the feathers of rooster and chicken chicks of the breed.

In 1980, the breed was finally recognized by the German group of poultry breeders.

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Bielefelder chickens create perfect layers. They lay 6 eggs per hen per week. This breed is fast growing and very vital. Bielefelder chickens can withstand bad weather and do not need extra care. Another advantage is that Bielefelder chickens rarely incubate.

Bielefelder chickens have a very calm and reliable character. Due to their calm, very docile and social character, they are ideal for novice chicken lovers, the city garden and older children.

  • Roosters: 3.0 – 4.0 kg
  • Hens: 2.5-3.25 kg

In the first year, chickens lay 220 eggs, in the second about 200 eggs.

german chickens - large fowl - egg layer
Bielefelder Chicken

Also known by the names : Bielefelder Kennhühner, Poule de Bielefeld, Bilefeldskie, Bilefeldka, Bilefeltské slepice, Bielefeldi


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