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Bourbourg Chickens

brahma hybrid - french chickens
Bourbourg french chickens

Bourgbourg  chickens ;

As its name suggests, this breed originates from the surroundings of Bourbourg. It comes from the crossing of a Brahma rooster (Asian breed) and a Sussex hen, of English origin. A breeder mated them in 1850 to give birth to this new regional species.

Located near Dunkirk, the small town of Bourbourg gave its name to this breed in the 1860s.

The majority of the subjects are white with black tail, the hackle little or not tight. The crest is simple, the mole red, the paw slightly feathered. The Bourbourg hen is of medium size. It is a good incubator and the eggs are good sizes.

  • Rooster: 3 – 4 kg
  • Hen: 2.5 – 3 kg
chickens - bourbourg - french chickens
Bourbourg hen

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