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Brabanter Chickens

dutch breeds - brabanter
Brabanter chicken

The Brabanter chicken is a very old Dutch breed found in the 16th and 17th centuries. The oldest known painting is the famous poultry painter M. d’Hondecoeter, dated 1676. source

The Paduan chicken is a very ancient Dutch breed derived from the Creve Coeur and the ancestors of the village chicken. Brabanters are lightly built, slender animals with a narrow crest, three-piece beard and antler comb, these are two V-shaped horns as combs. There are no wattles or covered with a beard. Seven colors are recognized, the most striking of which are gold-black, silver-black and yellow-white. The animals are golden brown or silver-white in color with a black or white ornament at the tip of the feather.

Brabanters are very cute and playful chickens despite their stubborn appearance, but unfortunately they are very rare and deserve many more enthusiasts. Brabanter’s character is a bit strange, but friendly and calm by nature.

  • Rooster: 1.9 – 2.5 kg
  • Hen: 1.2 – 2 kg

The spawning capacity is about 140 eggs per year, ie about one egg every 2.6 days.

Brabançonne Hollandaise - beard chickens
Brabanter chicken Rooster
hen - crested - bearded - dutch chickens
Brabanter chicken Hen

Also known by the names : Brabançonne Hollandaise, Brabante Olandese, Brabanzona Holandese, Brabancka, Brabantka, Brabantky, Brabanti

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