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Bresse chicken

Bresse chicken or as the French say “Poulet de Bresse”, is a breed of chicken from the Bresse region in France. It is the only poultry in the world with a controlled designation of origin and breeding is subject to very strict rules.

The bresse-gauloise, French breed, selected according to the standard of the Central Society of Aviculture of France, in order to compete in national and international exhibitions. In agriculture, the Bresse-Gauloise with white plumage constitutes the herds used to produce Bresse chicken.

Bresse chicken, fowl and Bresse capon, an agricultural product intended for human consumption and whose designation of origin has benefited from a controlled designation of origin (AOC) since 1957.

What makes a Poulet de Bresse so special. The breed, the living conditions in the Bresse region, the climate, the age, the varied diet and the space available to the chickens give beautiful chickens with a beautiful distinct taste.

Bresse-Gauloise are single-combed, blue-legged country fowls with white ear discs, which are known in the color variants black, white, blue and gray, whereby the white color is of economic importance.

  • Rooster: 2.5 – 3 kg;
  • Hen: 2 – 2.5 kg

With a good 240 eggs per year, this chicken is an excellent bovine hen, which, in addition to a tasty carcass, gives its owner around 20 eggs a month. Bresse chicken is a dual purpose large breeds.

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Bresse chicken rooster
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Bresse chicken hen
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black bresse gauloise

Also known by the names : Bresse-Gauloise, Bresse Hoend, Breska Kokoshka

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