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Bruges game fowl (Fighter) or Brugse Vechter is the oldest fighting type in Belgium. The city of Bruges in West Flanders in northeastern Belgium has been named the region of origin. A few centuries ago, it was very popular with working class people who let their dicks fight often in the ring where bets were made.

Probably one of the oldest, this ancient Belgian breed dates from the 1800s and has a number of specific breed characteristics that make this breed a unique hunting hen.

It is one of three Belgian fighting cock breeds, the others being Luikse Vechter and Tiense Vechter. It is a robust species, but birds are generally aggressive;

  • Rooster : 5.5 kg
  • Hen : 4 kg

The breed is generally one of the heaviest breeds due to its size and has occupied a special place among game birds in the past. Chicken is a better layer than many fighting breeds. Chickens lay about 150 cream-colored eggs weighing 65-75g per year, but they are not exemplary mothers.

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Bruges Game Fowl Rooster
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Bruges Game chickens hen

Also known by the names : Brügger Kämpfer,  Combattant de Bruges, Combattente di Bruges, Brugse vechters, Combatiente de Brujas, Bojowiec Brugijski, Brügská bojovníčka, Brügská Bojovnice, Brüdzsi Harcos, Bryuzhki Borets


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