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Buckeye Characteristics ;

Buckeye is the only chicken breed given to a woman; Ms. Nettie Metcalf from Warren, Ohio. In 1896, Ms. Metcalf hybridized some black-breasted red games to produce Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Cochins and Buckeye.

Created in the early 19th century, Buckeyes is the only standard breed recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA), known to be developed by a woman. It is a dual-purpose chicken that is known for both productivity and meat characteristics.

Various factors make Buckeye chicken an extraordinary American race. Pea is the only American breed with scallops and the only American breed developed by only one woman.

Breed Standard ;

Buckeye was accepted to the American Poultry Association in 1904, where he was described as ‘American’.

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  • Buckeye males, on average, Buckeye weighs about 4.1 kg,
  • and chickens weigh about 2.9 kg.

Buckeye Chicken It is a solid looking chicken with beautiful mahogany red colors and black tipped tails. There is also a ‘powder color’ on the lower hair that helps identify darker colors and makes it shine.

Their feathers are tight – another gift from the game bird genes.

Buckeyes are yellow-skinned chickens that lay brown eggs. A good meat producer and 150 to 200 layers of eggs per year, Buckeye is a dual-purpose chicken that is very suitable for small farmyards and backyard flocks.

There is also a bantam version


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