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California Gray American Chicken

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california gray rooster

California Gray  information ;

California Gray is an American domestic chicken. It was developed in California in the 1930s by James Dryden, now a professor of poultry science at the Oregon State University. The development process involved crossing a barred Plymouth Rock rooster with a white Leghorn chicken. Its purpose was to produce a dual-purpose chicken that is suitable for both meat production and large white eggs.

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California gray overall impression;

Chicken is heavier than Leghorn but not as big as Plymouth Rock. California Grays has a large single comb, small white earlobes, and bright yellow legs.

  • Rooster 2,5 – 3 kg
  • Hen 2 kg

They can lay up to 300 eggs a year.

Available in only one color variation;

in males with light gray and white bars. Female Grays are dark gray (almost black) and white.

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california gray chicken hen

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