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Castilian Black Chickens

Castilian Black - spanish
Castilian Black fowl

Castellana Negra

The Castilian Black is a Spanish breed of chickens native to the Castilian region. The black Castilian chicken is one of the oldest European breeds of chickens. It is said that Christopher Columbus traveled with them at the express wish of Queen Isabella the Catholic, who had special sympathy for these restless chickens. And that she traveled to Flanders when it was Spanish under Carlos V. Many of the current black chickens that exist in Europe come from the black Castilian. This claim, popular with hobbyists and breeders, has been confirmed by genetic studies that have been carried out in recent years. Proof of that age is that its standard was defined in 1926 by Mr. Enrique P. de Villamil, being one of the first European chickens to have it.

It is the Spanish breed of chickens par excellence, the one with the most rancid lineage since no foreign influence is known.

  • Rooster : 2.8-3 kg
  • Hen : 2-2.6 kg

Laying 180 to 220 eggs per year, weighing 60 to 65 g. The laying begins at 5 months, the eggs being white. Castilian black is an excellent layer of eggs of medium size and very white shell.

Castilian Black - spanish Chickens
Castilian Black rooster
Castilian Black hen – spanish Chickens

Also known by the names : Kastilianer, Castilian Fowl, Castillane, Castigliana, Castellana, Kastylijska


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