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Chantecler chicken

Canadian oldest chicken breeds ;

The Chantecler are a breed of chicken originating in Canada. The Chantecler was developed at Notre-Dame du Lac Abbey in Oka, Quebec, in the early 20th century. It is extremely cold-resistant and is suitable for both egg and meat production.

Chicken breeds had not been established in Canada by the early 20th century, and Canadian farmers and poultry breeders had only poultry of European and American ancestry. Wilfrid Châtelain visiting the poultry flocks at the Oka Agricultural Institute, an agricultural school in his abbey that is affiliated with the Université de Montréal.

In 1907, the brother set out to fill this gap and create a practical chicken that would suit Canada’s climate and production needs. Chantelain worked at Notre-Dame du Lac Abbey in Oka and initially combined dark cornishes, white Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, white Plymouth Rocks and white Wyandottes to create the white variant of the Chantecler. It was included in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1921. In 1918 the breed was introduced to the public. To date, the Chantecler is one of only two poultry breeds from Canada and the only one known to have been created primarily by a member of a monastic order.

Weight ;

  • Rooster: 4.1 kg
  • Hen: 2.9-3.4 kg
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Chantecler chicken rooster
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Chantecler hen


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