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Charollais Chickens

Charolais Chickens - white - french - meat -dual purpose
Charolais Chickens

Charollais chickens ; It is a medium-sized french chicken developed in the Charolles region (France) in the Saône et Loire.

The Charollais is best known for its famous breed of white-meat cows, but for fifty years this prestigious breeding site also has a poultry that is white. A rugged central mountain range on the outskirts of Morvan, isolated from major roads, the Charollaise chicken was developed as a result of crossing a local white chicken with Swiss chickens.

Weight ; 

  • Rooster ; 3,5 kg
  • Hen ; 2.5 kg
french poultry - meat - chickens
Charollais Rooster
french chickens - poultry
Charolais hen

Also known by the names : Charolais, Charolaise, Charolesa

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