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Columbian Brahma Chickens

columbian brahma - big breeds
columbian brahma chicken

Dark and Light were the original two color variants, but more color variants have been introduced since the 1920s. The first was Buff Columbian.

Brahma chickens were accepted into the American Standard of Excellence in 1874. This was followed by Buff (in Britain referred to as Buff Columbian) in 1924.

Cock and chicken are almost the same shape. The head is pure yellow. The neck is hung wide, deep black, bright green stripes and a yellow skirt. The feathers on the upper back show black teardrops. The cock’s saddle with black shaft line drawing shown. The chicken saddle is always pure yellow. The cock’s tail is pure black with a green sheen.

columbian brahma - giant chickens
Buff columbian brahma rooster
blue columbiaan - hen brahma
columbian brahma hens

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