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Contres Chickens

contres - french chickens
Contres chickens

Poule de Contres

Contres chickens; It is named after Contres, a town of Loir et Cher. The typical farm chicken has all the hallmarks of a farm chicken raised for meat and eggs, with its legs drawn without being too high and its lively and proud gait.

The Contres chicken is likely to come from the geographically neighboring Gâtinaise chicken and also has family similarities with Bresse, Bourbonnaise, Gâtinaise and Bourbourg.

It is currently under conservation and production by professional breeders is currently extremely limited.

  • Rooster ; 3 kg;
  • Hen; 2.25kg
rooster - french - meat rooster - Contres Chickens
Contres roooster
fench hen - dualpurpose
Contres hen

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