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About Cornish Chicken

Indian Game, or the Cornish, may be a breed of Chickens originate from Cornwall, England. Chickens, also as crosses of Cornishes, are the most-used breeds within the chicken meat industry at the instant .

Cornishes are heavy, muscular birds, that were developed from the Old English Game, the Malay, and therefore the Asil‎ chicken breeds.

History ;

The main goal was to combine the power of the Aseel line with the speed of Red Old English.
The rooster was bred as a warrior, but it turned out to be an excellent meat producer, because they grow exceptionally well. In 1905, the organization renamed the breed as a Cornish Indian warrior and was simply named Cornish in 1910.

Indian Game are categorised varieties;

  • A bantam version is additionally available for the Indian Game chicken breed.
  • Dark Indian – base colour is black with green and bay or chestnut
  • Jubilee Indian -base colour chestnut- brown with white
  • Double Laced blue Indian navy – reminder blue and brown


  • Cock 3.6 Kg
  • Hen 2.7 Kg


On average, they produce 160-180 eggs per year.

there is also a small size type ; cornish bantam

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Also known by the names : Indische Kämpfer, Combattant Indien, Combattente Indiano, Combatiente Indio, Indisch Vechthoen, Indiske Kæmper, Bojowiec Indyjski, Indická bojovníčka, Indické Bojovnice, Indiai Harcos, Indiyski Borec, Combatantă Indiană

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