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Croad Langshan Chicken

Croad Langschan

Croad Langshan Chicken History ;

The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a serious Croad in 1870 and therefore the Croad Langshan Club was formed in 1904.

Langshans large fowl were also imported to North America in 1878 and admitted to the quality in 1883. White Langshans were admitted to the quality ten years later in 1893. There are three sorts of Langshans that are accepted to the US standard – Black, White, and Blue. The latter wasn’t accepted to the quality until 1987.

In 1879 the breed was delivered to Germany. The German Langshans were derived from these and shortly replaced them. After the Second war Croad Langshans were reintroduced to Germany from the USA.

Overall impression ;

The original Croad Langshans were black with an excellent green sheen which remains the most colour kept today.

Croad Langshans are tall birds, known for the U-shape created between their heads and tall tails.

  • males 4.5 kg;
  • hens 3-3.5 kg.

The hens lay 140-150 eggs a year and are good winter layers; the eggs are dark brown

Brown shelled eggs were a rarity in England until the Croad Langshan was introduced, because it was the primary Asiatic breed during this country to supply them. there’s a bantam version.

Similar breeds;

Colour Varieties langshans ;

  • The original version has black feathers with green beetling
  • White Langshan
  • Blue Langshans

Many other breeds were created using Langshan blood within the foundation matings. These include, for instance , Barnevelders, Black Orpingtons, and Marans. Langshans still exist in China today.

black chicken breeds - Croad Langshan
black hen Croad Langshan
white breeds
cook Croad Langshan
chicken breeds - white - Croad Langshan
white Croad Langshan

Also known by the names : Croad-Langschan, Langszanka Croadowa


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