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delaware chickens

The delaware chicken , originally called Indian Rivers, was bred in 1940 by George Ellis in Delaware / USA from striped Plymouth Rock roosters and New Hampshire hens. When a Delaware hen is crossed with a New Hampshire or Rhode Island Red rooster, a chick with a color code is created. At one time, this breed was America’s most popular “roast chicken” breed, and the birds are still fond of egg and meat chickens because they produce eggs in abundance. They are predominantly white with black stripes on the tail and neck hangings. They have a single comb and are virtually unknown outside of the United States. Even in North America, they are considered rare.

In 1952, it was recognized for exhibition by being included in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

  • Rooster 3.5 kg.
  • Hen 3 kg.

There is also a bantam variety and these weigh in at 900 g for the boys and 800 g for the girls.

Eggshell Color: Dark Brown

Delaware is used for eggs and meat. It lays about 100 to 150 eggs per year.

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delaware hen


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