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Derbyshire Redcaps About ;

Derbyshire Redcaps is a chicken breed of Derbyshire, England. Redcaps chickens are a native English bird written since the early 19th century. The original breeds entering the Derbyshire Redcap have no exact record. It is probably derived from Golden Spangled Hamburgs, Dorkings, Old English Pheasant Fowl and Black-Breasted Red Games.

Derbyshire Redcaps is a durable, active chicken species that performs well under free range conditions. In addition to its ornamentation features, it is very suitable for dual-purpose farm herds used for both meat and egg production.

In 1888, Derbyshire Redcap became traditional in the American Poultry Association.

They have a strangely large Rose comb, which was called “Redcap”.

Unlike many breeds of chickens, Derbyshire Redcap does not have a minor species.

Weight ;

They are quite large chickens, as this is a dual-purpose breed.

  • roosters 3.4 kg
  • hens 2.75 kg

Chickens are usually not pessimistic and lay large amounts of white eggs. Redcap chickens lay about 150-200 large white eggs a year, but usually they are not pessimistic.

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