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Oldest Breeds of Chickens ;

The Dorking Chicken is one of the oldest domestic chicken breeds in England. It can be traced back to Roman times, when it first appeared in England as early as 55 BC.

Dorking is a breed of domestic chicken that can be traced back to Roman times. The old culture breed, bred for a long time mainly in Great Britain, has become rare today.

However, the time of origin is so far back that it can no longer be fully traced. It is believed that an Italian breed of country chicken was crossed with an Asian breed of chicken for the first time during the Roman Empire. That gave birth to the Dorking Chicken. In terms of its plumage, it reflects the country chicken, but in terms of body it is of the typical broiler type.

Its long history in England also makes this chicken a valuable ancestor of numerous important breeds, such as the salmon chicken or the Sussex chickens. However, it was a long time before this breed of chicken came to Germany. It was not until around 1860 that dorking was introduced in Germany, but since then it has only seldom been found in the breeders’ chicken coops.

General impression and characteristics ;

A fairly low, white-skinned, white-legged, five-toed fowl with a rectangular, heavy build. The feathering is similar to the European landfowl, but deviates quite strongly from that in terms of size, weight and deeper position. The breed is recognized with both single and rose comb.

  • Rooster 4,5 kg
  • Hen 3.5 kg

The hen lays up to 140 eggs during the first year of laying. Nevertheless, the breed is typically one of the meat chickens, as it can hardly keep up with the typical laying chickens in terms of egg performance.

Dorkings colors ;

  • Silver necked
  • Gold necked
  • Silver wild-colored
  • Gold wild-colored
  • White
  • Cranked
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Also known by the names : Dorkinka, Dorkinky

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