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Drehnter chickens – very robust and good forage seekers Although the Drenthe chicken has been bred in the Netherlands, more precisely in the province of Drenthe, for centuries, very little is known about its origin. It is believed that, like the Friesian chicken, it emerged from European wild fowl.

In terms of type, robustness and character, the Drenthe chicken is very similar to the Bankiva chicken. It was domesticated more than four millennia ago and still lives wild in Southeast Asia today.

In its home country, the Netherlands, the twisted chicken is one of the oldest chicken breeds. Early in the 19th century it was already being kept free on the small farms around Drenthe. Due to the very lonely and isolated location of the farms, there was very seldom any blood refreshment for the Drenthe chickens by imported chicken breeds. Here they made do with what was available and crossed the different chickens, so that a new breed, the Drenther chicken, emerged.

  • Rooster; 2 kg
  • Hen; 1.5 kg

The laying performance of the hens is quite good with around 120 (small) eggs for domestic use. However, they almost completely stop laying production in winter.

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drenthe chickens breeds
drenthe bobtail
drenthe chickens – bobtail chickens

Also known by the names : Drenter Hühner, Drenther Hühner, Poule de Drente, Drente, Drentse, Drentse Hoenders, Drentská

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