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Dresdner Chickens

poule - dresdner chicken - red balck rooster
dresdner chickens

Dresdner Chicken are a domestic chicken breed that was bred from existing breeds by Alfred Zumpe purely for performance. The development and breeding of this breed took place in 1955 in the region around Dresden. They are considered a dual-purpose breed that utilizes their feed particularly well.

The golden browns were the first color to be bred in Dresden from Wyandotte , Rhodeland and New Hampshire and recognized in 1955.

You can get information about the dresdner bantam, the small version of the dresdner chicken from this article.

  • Rooster : 2.75 – 3 kg
  • Hen : 2 – 2.25 kg

Dresden chickens are cattle chickens with particularly good feed conversion, which also lay very well in winter. The chickens hardly mind wet or cold weather. The willingness to lay falls only slightly during the winter months. In rare cases, such as the Dresden performance test, hens lay well over 220 eggs. They are therefore particularly attractive for private owners.

red- rooster- dresdner
dredner rooster
black hen - large - dresdner
dresdner hen

Also known by the names : Dresdner, Poule de Dresde, Dresda, Dresde, Drezdeńskie, Drezdenska, Drážďanka, Drážďanky, Drezdai, Drezdenska Kokoshka

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