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Dutch Crested Chicken

Holländer Haubenhühner
Dutch Crested Chicken

The Dutch crested chicken ( Hollands kuifhoen ) is a type of crested chicken that has been known for centuries. According to poultry expert Bruno Dürgen, a Dutch crested chicken was depicted by Dutch animal artist Jan Monckhorst in early 1657.

This chicken is by no means stingy with the extravagant feathers that it wears on its head instead of a comb. This chicken breed has been known in the Netherlands for centuries. Dutch crested chickens first appeared there in the 15th century. However, at this point they were not as purebred as representatives of today’s breeds.

The unusual appearance of this chicken breed was also used in art, which the Old Dutch masters were happy to show in their artwork. The exact origin of the Dutch crested chicken is unknown. As with all ancient Dutch hooded chicken breeds or bearded ones, these are assumed to be descendants of the primitive hooded chicken, the Russian Pavlova chicken.

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Instead of a comb, this breed wears a head made of feathers. Mostly black chickens with white caps are bred (black with white caps).

In addition to large crested poultry, there are also small crested animals. According to ancient data, these would have existed as early as 1797, but it wasn’t until 1917 that the first crested minks were shown at an exhibition. Dutch crested poultry is recognized in a range of color varieties. The most famous and most common is the black and white crest.

There are also white crests with cuckoo, blue laces, white and black pied colors. There are also fowl birds with curly feathers. Finally, there are still white black-crested poultry to a very modest extent.

  • Rooster: 2 – 2.5 kg
  • Hen : 1.5 – 2 kg

Chickens lay around 100 to 140 eggs a year.

crested chickens - large breeds - wwhite crested
Dutch Crested Chicken rooster
dutch crested chickens
Dutch Crested Chicken hen

Also known by the names : Holländer Haubenhühner, Poland or Polish, Hollandaise huppée, Olandese con Ciuffo, Holandesa Moñuda, Hollands-Kuifhoen, Hvidtop. Hollænder, Holenderskie Czubate, Nizozemska Kaporasta, Holanďanka, Holandské Choholaté Slepice, Holland Bóbitás Tyúk, Holandska Kachulata Kokoshka, Moţată Olandeză

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