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East Frisian Gulls Chicken

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East Frisian Gull chickens

Ostfriesische Möwe

East Frisian gulls are an old poultry that has been bred for over 100 years mainly in West and East Frisia as well as in Westphalia. At the beginning of the 20th century, breeding began in East Friesland, and previously existing spots were replaced by a unique stamp pattern. During further breeding, the body became a little heavier.

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East Frisian Gulls or East Frisian Totleger is an ancient land race from northwest Germany. Along with other very similar breeds (Westfalian Totleger, Friesian Chicken, Groninger Seagull) they form a group of chicken breeds that are very original and their ancestors probably came to us in Roman times.

East Frisian gulls have excellent characteristics such as toughness, mobility, extreme weather resistance, and rapid growth, and excellent flesh, even if their spawning performance does not come close to that of laying hybrids.

  • Rooster; 2.25 – 3 kg,
  • Hen; 1.75 – 2.5 kg

The number of eggs per year is about: 200

rooster - german chickens
East Frisian Gull rooster
hen - different chickens
East Frisian Gull hen
chickens - east frisian gull
East Frisian Gull hen white mootled

Also known by the names : Ostfriesische Möwen, Mouette de la Frise Orientale, Gabbiano della Frisa Orientale, Frisona Alemana, Oost-Friese Meeuw, Ostfrisiske Möwen, Wschodniofryzyjskie Mewy, Východofrízka čajka, Východofríští Rackové, Keletfríz sSrály, Iztochnofriziyska Chayka

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