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English Araucana Chickens

british lavender araucana
British Araucana

Blue chicken eggs from South America, as they are called the British Araucana or English Araucana, were introduced to the British Isles at various times in the early twentieth century. However, the modern English araucana species is derived from chickens from a Chilean ship that fell into the Hebrides. The English carriage was developed mainly by George Malcolm in Scotland in the 1930s. He bred the purebred Lavender Araucana and the dwarf Araucana in the 1940s. The British Araucana strain was standardized around 1970.

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Araucana chickens should be medium in size and raised, well curved and proportionate in all portions. Pom poms, tassels and beards that give araucanas a special position in the head meat of domestic chickens must also be found in a different form. There should only be a three-row rose comb.

  • Rooster; 2.5 – 3 kg
  • Hen; 1.8 – 2.5 kg

The spawning performance is about 150 blue eggs per year.

blue egg - bristish type
British Araucana rooster
english chickens - blue egg
english araucana hen
araucana chickens - egg
araucana blue egg

Also known by the names : Englische Araucanas , Araucana Anglais, Araucana Inglese, Araucana Inglés, Engelse Araucana, Engelske Araucana, Angielski Araukana, Engleski Araukana, Anglictina Araucana, Anglictina Araukany

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